February 2012 Board Meeting

The Aida Board met on February 26 via Skype conference call. The first order of business was a vote to approve members of the 2012 Education Committee. The following people were approved:
– Jean-Pol François
– Richard Wonka
– Dean Spahic
– Konstantin Borisov
– Felice Mastroleo
– Simo Kurra

The Board also voted to approve the following persons as core members (each with individual voting right) to the 2012 AIDA Technical Committee:
Pim Vermeulen
Grant W. Graves
William Winram
Stavros Kastrinakis

Panel members (1 vote in total to have the 5th vote in TC); were also selected, these include:
Antero Joki
Guillaume Néry
Aharon Solomons
Sara Campbell
Ute Gessmann
Marcello de Matteis
Pim committed to deliver to the Board, in one week, a project plan for each of the key TC projects for 2012, including projected completion dates and milestones.

Additionally, The Board voted to approve the following persons as non-executive (non-voting) officers for 2012:
Legal: Petar Bojovic
Medical: Ralph Potkin
Judge responsible: Marcello di Matteis
Media/PR: CarlaSue Hanson
Information Technology: Julien Alias
The Board voted to approve the following persons as members of the 2012 AIDA Medical Committee.
Dr. Ralph Potkin
Rik Rösken
Mark Turner
Wilhelm Welslau
Frédéric Lemaître

The next topic discussed was the possibility of a product merchandising function, to create AIDA gear and clothing that can be marketed. It was agreed that this possibility should be researched further.

A number of financial matters were reviewed and discussed in the meeting. Ben Noble (treasurer) agreed to have preliminary financial statements for 2011 prepared for review by the Board by mid-March, and to be sent to the Assembly by 31 March 2012. Ben and Rob agreed to work with Simo Kurra regarding an automated PayPal invoicing tool for AIDA National annual membership fees.

In order to better respond to inquiries and issues with Aida activities; the Board discussed having a single point of contact for each of several functions, including student, IT, judge and organizer/ranking inquiries. It was agreed to identify a single contact point for these functions, and update the AIDA website with those single points accordingly. Jean-Pol and Ute agreed to identify such contact persons in the next 1-2 weeks, and Kimmo will request that Julien update the website appropriately.

A World Cup Depth Circuit for 2012, including three competitions: Med Cup, Red Sea Cup, and Vertical Blue ,was approved by vote. Information regarding this program will be added to the AIDA web site, and AIDA will work with the organizers regarding media matters.

Kimmo and the Board discussed creation of a workgroup to review long-term strategic matters. The Board also reviewed matters relating to instructor and other insurance coverage. There was also a discussion relating to sled diving procedures and the Medical Committee will be asked to review the Deep Diving Guidelines.

The next Board meeting will be in March. Please contact Aida with any questions.concerns, or topics for discussion.