January 2012 Board Meeting

The Board had a meeting via Skype on January 29, 2012 but only 3 executive members were present (+3 non-executive Board members). The Board did not have the quorum required to vote on or approve proposals. Therefore, the required votes on several proposals were attained by email ,after the meeting . These subjects for vote are described below.

The Board reviewed a number of Instructor Trainer candidates, and will vote by email regarding approval of one IT candidate.

The Board reviewed proposed non-executive officers and committee members, and will vote by email to approve such positions.

Marcello and Ute will request judge applicants for the 2012 Team World competition as soon as possible in order to take advantage of discounted air fare booking and other considerations.The Team World Championships are scheduled for September 8-16 in Nice, France.

The Board continued to discuss sled diving procedures. The finalized document should be completed prior to the start of the summer diving season.

AIDA will work with organizers of several competitions to set up an AIDA World Cup circuit for 2012. An original AIDA world cup was organized in 2000, and this will be the first AIDA World Cup Circuit since that time. The proposed competitions are in Crete, Egypt, and Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas.

The Board is reviewing a commemorative logo for AIDA’s 20th Anniversary (in 2012). Final choices will go to the Assembly for vote in early  2012, for this symbol of the evolution of  Aida freediving .

Disciplinary Committee Findings regarding Freedive Dahab (“FDD”).  The AIDA Disciplinary Committee completed a formal review of a number of issues concerning Freedive Dahab, in accordance with the terms of the AIDA Disciplinary Committee Charter.  Findings of the AIDA Disciplinary Committee regarding FDD will be communicated to FDD by AIDA’s President, Kimmo Lahtinen.  With respect to a number of the issues raised, the DC found no fault on the part of FDD; with respect to several other issues, however, the DC identified unethical conduct by FDD.  Nonetheless, the DC noted that AIDA International does not currently have specific rules prohibiting such conduct, and accordingly the DC recommended that (i) no action be taken by AIDA against FDD in connection with these issues, and (ii) AIDA develop and adopt a code of conduct to document expectations for ethical conduct by AIDA participants, including Instructor Trainers, Instructors and Judges.  By email vote, the Board approved both DC recommendations..

Jean-Pol Francois, the Education Officer, provided an update on identifying one or more insurance carriers for AIDA instructors and other AIDA participants on a worldwide basis. This project will be a priority for AIDA in 2012.

The Board discussed a schedule for upcoming meetings, and agreed that the next meeting will be in February. Please contact  AidaInternational.org with any topics you wish to be discussed.

On Behalf of Aida Board,

Kimmo Lahtinen
AIDA, president