Aida International Executive Board Election

Robert King, secretary, has called for an election for 3 officer positions for 2012-2013. An email has been sent to Assembly members  requesting votes for these offices. The following candidates have volunteered for your consideration.  In addition, the Executive Board recommends keeping the annual member fee unchanged at €150 per year;  we are requesting  a vote for or against keeping the member fee the same at this level.

1.    President – Kimmo Lahtinen (Yes or No)

2.    Technical Officer – Antero Joki or  Pim Vermeulen

3.    Education Officer – Jean-Pol Francois or Stavros Kastrinakis

4.    No Change to Annual Member Fee (€150) – (Yes or No)

The votes on these matters  need to be cast no later than 20:00 CET, 12 December 2011. Please contact your National if you have not received the information on this election so you can vote. CVs of the candidates are attached to the Aida email, for your consideration.

In addition to the CVs, two important documents are attached to this email.  The first is a summary of AIDA International accomplishments in 2011.  The second is a budget for AIDA International for 2012. We hope you will review these documents.

Finally, we would like to thank AIDA’s vote counters, Susan Kluytmans, Antero Joki and Petar Bojovic, who have volunteered their time to ensure that AIDA’s Assembly votes go smoothly and fairly.


On Behalf of Aida Board

Kimmo Lahtinen
AIDA, president