November Board Meeting News

The Aida Board held a meeting via Skype on November 19, 2011

In regards to the latest instructor trainer position; a recommendation from the Education Committee regarding the IT candidates proposed by a national has not been received.  The Board will request the EC to provide a recommendation in advance of the next meeting, for vote at the next meeting.

Ben Noble, treasurer, provided an update on financial matters, including closure of accounts using formal accounting processes for prior years.

The 2012 AIDA annual officer election will be sent to Assembly members approximately 1 December.   Offices up for election this December (for the 2012-2013 term) are:  President, Education Officer, Technical Officer.  (The election for the other four officer positions will be in December 2012).

The Board discussed potential topics for the 2012 budget, including potential IT projects. The Board also discussed the possibility of providing a bulletin board function for the AIDA website, as well as a potential partner program to permit persons contributing to AIDA use space to advertise freediving related services.  The Board plans to discuss this further at a future meeting.

The Board continued to discuss sled diving procedures.  Items to be considered include proper use of lanyard, use of video camera on diver during the entire dive, and the four levels of responsibility. Grant Graves and Stavros Kastrinakis will update the deep diving guidelines (target date for a revised draft is December), and will also review the general safety guidelines to make sure they are current.  Sled diving guidelines will follow by approximately one month.

Kimmo Lahtinen, president, provided an update on the new AIDA email addresses, which are intended to facilitate archiving, and for use with outside parties. Each Board and committee member has been provided an Aida email address to use for official communications.

The Board reviewed matters relating to SSI and Freedive Dahab, and issues with respect to AIDA IT and education, judge, and competition activities.  The Disciplinary Committee is currently finalizing this matter.

The Board will review a commemorative logo for AIDA’s 20th Anniversary (in 2012) . The Board agreed that Adenova, the company that developed the EOS system, may list AIDA on its customer list.

The results from the doping tests were received from both Kalamata and Lignano, and all results were negative.  Accordingly, the world record performances by Natalia Molchanova and Goran Colak have been made official. Congratulations Natalia and Goran!

Kimmo provided an update on the sponsorship relationship with Suunto, including additional judge shirts, status of competition gauges, and AIDA award 2011 program.

The Board reviewed a proposal for an IT Contribution Policy for recently approved Instructor Trainers.  Subject to review by the Education Officer, the Board plans to vote on this policy in December, for implementation in 2012.


AIDA Board