October Board Meeting Report

Due to the World Championships, the Board did not meet in September but a meeting was held via Skype on October 22 ,2012. The Board discussed potential topics for the 2012 budget, including potential IT projects. The Board reviewed the list of proposed Instructor Trainer candidates, and voted to approve the following candidates as AIDA Instructor Trainers: Savvas Savva, Kimmo Lahtinen, Dean Spahic, Konstantin Borisov, Panos Lianos.
The Board voted to approve, in principle, an AIDA Instructor Trainer contribution requirement (i.e. contribution to the AIDA education system); accordingly, the Board will prepare a mandatory contribution policy for new instructor trainers approved in the first two groups (August and October, 2011); the Board hopes to finalize this contribution policy in November.
The new ranking system was used in Lignano as a pilot, and appears to be operating as planned. This updated ranking system will now be deployed. The Board voted to approve development of a judge information management system (to be a seamless part of the ranking database).
The discussion of the sled diving procedures continued. Items to be considered include proper use of lanyard, use of video camera on diver during the entire dive, and the four levels of responsibility. Grant and Stavros will update the sled diving and deep diving guidelines (target date for a revised draft is 1 December), and will also review the general safety guidelines to make sure they are current.
The  recent world championship competitions were reviewed and the Board noted that the enhanced sponsor activity is a goal for future years. The Board intends to request bids for 2013 pool and depth world championships in January 2012, with a deadline for bids in March 2012.  A new AIDA email address for AIDA Board members is being implemented , in part, to assist in archiving of emails and to streamline contact information .
Matters relating to SSI and Freedive Dahab, and issues with respect to AIDA IT and education, judge, and competition activities were discussed. The Disciplinary Committee is currently reviewing this matter.

IMPORTANT : New officers are needed for the following positions; President, Technical Officer, Education Officer. This election is scheduled to commence on 1 December. AIDA Nationals are requested to propose qualified candidates at their earliest convenience; candidate CVs must be received not later than 21 November.