Natalia Molchanova 2 New World Records

Natalia Molchanova

Natalia Molchanova in free immersion

At the 2011 Depth World Championships, Natalia again improved her own records in constant weight and free immersion. She added another meter to her previous cwt record of 100 meters. The conditions on this day were less than perfect with rough seas and limited visibility but Natalia was focused and she prevailed. Conditions on the FIM day were better and Natalia dove to 88 meters and  then returned to the surface with a solid protocol and a white card.

Natalia announced a record breaking depth in cnf ,as well, and made the depth but was penalized for a ‘grab’ violation receiving a yellow card. Upon review of the bottom footage by the judges;  a ‘pull’ violation was observed  and the dive was disqualified. So is the way of the rules in freediving!

Congratulations to Natalia for a very successful competition.

videos of these dives and others can be found on Freediving Club Greece website: