Pre-comp happenings at Kalamata

September 16; an informal discussion was held with Kimmo Lahtinen, Aida president, and the athletes. Kimmo opened with a summary of his 1.5 year tenure and the important accomplishments. Education and safety are the primary basis of the Aida system. Well trained freedivers insure safety and can then become a part of the competitive community, if they chose.
New Board officers will elected this year and Kimmo urged the athletes to consider nominations for the positions of president, technical officer, and education officer. All interested persons are encouraged to volunteer for a position or as a committee member.
Kimmo explained the new sponsorship agreement with Suunto with the custom-made depth gauges and judge shirts. He asked for all members to consider strategy for Aida and the direction for future.
The meeting was then opened for comments. Carlos Coste brought up the issue of lack of instructor trainers in S. America and the growing problem of SSI expansion. How can we get trainers and judges in areas which are presently under-represented? Gaby asked if we can train Spanish language judges/instructors? William Trubridge offered the option of instuctor/judge courses in the Bahamas in 2012 following the team world champs.
Christian Maldame suggested we need a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote Aida courses to compete with SSI.
The Romanian representative  asked about observer member  status for nationals and how can the process be simplified?
Sept 17; The opening ceremonies were held harbor-side on Messinian Bay.
The athletes paraded behind a marching band to the stage. Speeches were made by the mayor of Kalamata, Stavros Kastrinakis, the competition organizer, and Kimmo. The ceremony was closed with a fireworks display and refreshments were served.

Sept 18; official training day for CNF. 114 athletes signed-up for training.

Sept 19; Competition begins  CNF.

Sept 20-21 ;official training days CWT

Sept 22 ; competition day CWT

Sept 23; official training day FIM

Sept 24; competition day FIM, closing ceremony and awards

Sept 25 ; party day . athletes depart