August Executive Board Meeting Notes

The Board  met via Skype call on August 27. The first item of discussion was the option of having open discussions on various topics at the upcoming World Championships at Kalamata and Lignano.  Kimmo indicated that he will try to organize at least one such open discussion. These meetings are a good means of communication for both the Board and Aida members.

The Board continued to discuss sled diving procedures.  Items to be considered include proper use of lanyard, use of video camera on diver during the entire dive, and the four levels of responsibility.  Grant and Stavros will update the sled diving guidelines (target date for a revised draft is 1 December), and will also review the general safety guidelines to make sure they are current.

The Board also continued to discuss matters relating to Anna von Boetticher’s recent Variable Weight record attempt, and items noted by the DC. New rules, if ratified by the Assembly, will be implemented to enhance current safety standards and procedures.

Kimmo noted that the following offices are up for reelection this December, and requested that AIDA Nationals recommend qualified candidates to run for such offices:  President, Technical Officer, Education Officer.  Aida Nationals are urged to discuss possible candidates with their members.

The AIDA IT Officer has recently resigned, and the Board requests that qualified and interested candidates contact Kimmo; Assembly Representatives are requested to contact Kimmo if they know of a qualified candidate.  In order to assist the Judge Responsible, the Board voted to appoint Panagiota Balanou assitant Judge Responsible, with authority to take actions as the Judge Responsible, as Marcello is extremely busy with other obligations.

The Board discussed using exclusively an AIDA email address for AIDA Board members, in part to assist in archiving of emails.  A pilot program will be used to test the new email process.

Petar provided an update regarding potential Sportacord membership.  Ben and Kimmo provided an update to the Board on AIDA financial matters.

Kimmo provided an update on the 2012 Team World Championships proposal.  The Assembly vote on the proposal will conclude on 31 August.

The Board discussed various matters relating to recently appointed Instructor Trainers, and additional candidates being appointed by the Board. There are plans to expand and improve the instructor trainer program which will result in expansion of the Aida Education program and facilitate quality instruction around the world.

Kimmo summarized a proposed system update for ranking, renewals and judge points.  The Board voted to approve the proposed system enhancement at a cost of approximately 1350 Euro, plus VAT if applicable. This is a very important matter and efficiency and streamlining in the system is necessary to record and provide current information for Aida members in these areas.

The Education Commission is currently working to establish course equivalencies with respect to SSI freediving courses.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Kalamata! Happy diving and good luck to all!


On behalf of AIDA Board

Kimmo Lahtinen
AIDA, president