In memory of Patrick Musimu

It is with deep sadness that AIDA International notes the passing of Belgian freediver Patrick Musimu.  Patrick appears to have drowned on 21 July, while pool training alone.  He is survived by his wife Isabelle and daughter Maeva. Patrick was best known for no-limits diving with a sled (

That a diver who achieved depths in the 200m-range drowned in a 2m pool warrants close consideration by all divers.  If a diver of Patrick’s accomplishments and experience can drown while pool training, it’s clear that no diver is experienced enough to train without a safety.  To restate the most important rule in freediving:  All breath-hold activities in water require the supervision of a trained freediving safety diver. We urge all divers to reinforce this message with other persons in the dive community including instructors, judges, and divers generally. A diver’s first level of responsibility for safety is with himself/herself — only the diver can decide not to train alone. Safety should always be the number one concern when training, competing, spearfishing, or recreationally diving.

Patrick’s loss is tragic, foremost to his family, and also to the diving community as a whole.  It’s important that we take from this sad event the wisdom to avoid further accidents of this type.

On behalf of Aida Board,

Kimmo Lahtinen
AIDA, president