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Board Notes for meeting on May 17, 2014

The Board reviewed financial matters presented by Kimmo. Robert noted that the Assembly unanimously approved AIDA’s financial statements for 2013, which had been prepared by AIDA’s outside accountants Pluscom.

It was noted again that the old PayPal account should no longer receive payments; instructors will be notified to send payments only to the new PayPal account. AIDA Nationals: when making payment to AIDA International by PayPal, please use only the following payment information: bank @

The Board discussed the proposed updates to the Rules and IOP, which are currently with the Assembly for review and vote. Kimmo and Robert noted that there has been significant feedback, primarily in two areas. First, a number of Nationals stated they need additional time to review the materials; this is particularly important for Nationals that must translate the materials prior to review. In order to give Nationals additional time to review the proposals, the Board decided that that (regardless of the result of the vote) Nationals may provide comments on the proposals until 30 June. The Board will collect those comments, and by 31 July send “line item” votes to the Assembly to address those items; that vote will remain open for at least one month. More time will be given if needed by the Assembly. Second, Assembly members identified two items in the Rules proposal that would impact some Nationals’ ability to host competitions posting results to the ranking list. One is the requirement that all competitions posting results to the ranking list have at least one Senior Judge (Level D) or higher; the 2009 Rules did not have that requirement. After discussion, the Board agreed and voted to recommend that the Assembly remove the “D Judge” requirement; this “line item” vote will go to the Assembly around 1 June (if either the Rules or IOP proposals are approved). The other is the requirement that competitions have a minimum number of competitors to post results to the ranking list, and to have “world record” status. After discussion, the Board agreed and voted to recommend that the Assembly remove the minimum athlete requirement with respect to ranking list performances (it would still apply to world records done in competition); this “line item” vote will go to the Assembly around 1 June (if the Rules proposal is approved).

Separately, the Board reviewed an item in the revised IOP proposal. Currently, the proposal permits Executive Judges (Level C) and higher to have assistant judges; this appears to have been an error, with the correct requirement being that Senior Judges (Level D) or above may have assistant judges (in either case, the mentor must be more senior than the assistant judge). The Board voted to recommend that the Assembly correct this requirement; this “line item” vote will go to the Assembly around 1 June.

Robert updated the Board on the Safety Enhancement Project. The work group (medical doctors Per Vestin and Johan Dahlström, medical researcher Erika Schagatay, organizers Will Trubridge and Stavros Kastrinakis, and Board members Antero Joki and Robert King) completed a proposal of changes to the AIDA Competition Rules to increase athlete safety. The Board reviewed the proposal, and voted to approve it and recommend it to the Assembly. The workgroup is also reviewing changes to the AIDA Safety Guidelines, and will address those in the near future. Robert noted that several doctors (who are also freedivers) in the United States have been working on a related project (including work on training scenarios for safety divers), and that workgroup members may work with them to share ideas.

Kimmo updated the Board on a web-­based Incident Reporting System, which will be used to collect and analyze data on accidents in competitions (likely on a mandatory basis) and in competitions (on a recommended basis). AIDA is working with an experienced developer on this project, and expects to have a prototype system available in the next few months.

Kimmo reported on a new Assembly web tool, which will allow members to update their contact information: similar to functionalities in the EOS and JOS systems.
Kimmo also reported that the IT group is working on a new email distribution system (replacing the Yahoo Groups service): the Yahoo email service is experiencing significant issues (including regularly dropping members, and not delivering messages). This project is aimed at implementing a new service to solve those issues, and at better integrating Member data with the current AIDA web‐based tools (EOS, CARS and JOS). Note: If you are not receiving emails from or are unable to send them to the Assembly group list, please contact AIDA Secretary Carla Hanson ( so we can keep you copied until the new system is implemented.

The Board reviewed matters relating to the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships, to be held in September in Sardinia, Italy. The organizer has set up a website and Facebook page for the competition:


Please communicate these pages to your athletes. AIDA Judge Responsible Petar Bojovic will visit the competition sight in late June (during an event there) to review logistics, housing, safety and other matters. As in Kalamata, AIDA will have Carla Hanson on sight in Cagliari to manage media matters, and Kimmo to manage general AIDA matters. The Board voted to approve airfare for Carla and Kimmo to Cagliari, not to exceed in aggregate EUR 1900 (the organizer is providing accommodations).

The Board reviewed candidates for assistant judges at the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships. AIDA Judge Responsible Petar Bojovic was unavailable (due to severe flooding in Serbia, and a state of emergency in that country), and a final decision on assistant judges will await his availability: most candidates will be accepted. Nonetheless, Petar provided significant input in advance, and the Board voted to approve a number of assistant judges for the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships: a complete list of assistant judges will be posted after Petar’s return.

In addition, as previously noted the Board has determined that mentoring and continuing education will play a larger role in judge development going forward (please see below), and in order to help judges from other continents meet the expenses of travel to Sardinia, the Board voted to subsidize room and board for four assistant judges, each of whom have demonstrated significant commitment to AIDA, and who must travel from other continents. The cost of this subsidy will be approximately €600 per assistant judge (10 nights at €60 per night). The four assistant judges to be subsidized are: Gabriela Contreras (Venezuela); Esteban Darhanpe (Argentina/Honduras); Junko Kitahama (Japan); John Wright (New Zealand). The Board will review the value of this program, and expects to continue it next year (with 2-‐4 assistant judges from distant continents to be subsidized per competition, depending on qualified candidates). If your National has input on this program, please reply to the AIDA Board (

2015 AIDA Individual World Championships. The AIDA Board is accepting proposals from organizers to host the 2015 AIDA Pool and Depth World Championships. Please request any organizers that may be interested in hosting a pool world championship in the spring (April-‐June) or a depth world championship in the fall (August – November) to forward proposals and questions to

The Board reviewed the application from South Korea to be raised from Observer Member to National Member. South Korea has met all requirements for National membership, and the Board voted to approve the application, and to recommend it to the Assembly for approval (only the Assembly can vote to approve new AIDA members).

The Board reviewed a number of items relating to the AIDA education system. The Board voted unanimously to approve candidate Noh Myoung (from South Korea) as an AIDA Instructor Trainer. Jean­‐Pol reviewed issues with SSI students wishing to cross over to the AIDA program, noting that many such students are not sufficiently skilled to cross over under the existing system. Jean‐Pol will review the cross over levels for SSI, and determine if changes are warranted.

Separately, Jean‐Pol reviewed a number of interesting proposals for instructor tools and services. He will prepare more details and costs for each for further review.
Robert will attend the semiannual meeting of the EUF in Frankfurt, Germany on 14 June, on behalf of Kimmo (who will judging an AIDA competition). Robert will be in Switzerland at that time, so travel expense will be limited.

If you would like further information on these or other topics, please do not hesitate to contact Kimmo, Robert, or any other Board member.

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