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Board Notes April 2014

The Aida Board met via Skype on April 5. The first topic was financial matters presented by Kimmo and Ben. Robert reviewed financial statements for 2013, prepared by AIDA’s outside accountants: Pluscom. Robert noted that he had reviewed the financial statements and AIDA’s bank statements on a line-by-line basis for 2013, and verified all material payments and expenses. The Board voted unanimously to approve those statements, and to recommend their approval to the Assembly. Robert will send the financial statements to the Assembly for review and approval in the next week.

It was noted again that the old PayPal account should no longer receive payments; instructors will be notified to send payments only to the new PayPal account. AIDA Nationals: when making payment to AIDA International by PayPal, please use only the following payment information: bank @

Non-Executive Officers. The Board was disappointed to hear that that Media Officer Chloé Villaume resigned: she started a new job with a heavy time commitment, and does not currently have extra time to volunteer to AIDA. We are currently seeking a person with a marketing /media background to fill this position. Please contact Kimmo or Carla if you are interested in helping Aida in this capacity.

Robert updated the Board on the Safety Enhancement Project. The work group (medical doctors Per Vestin and Johan Dahlström, medical researcher Erika Schagatay, organizers Will Trubridge and Stavros Kastrinakis, and Board members Antero Joki and Robert King) is currently refining a number of proposed changes to the AIDA Competition Rules. When complete, the Board will review those proposals, and ask the Assembly to review and vote on them (likely in May). The work group is also reviewing changes to the AIDA Safety Guidelines, and will complete those when the proposals for the Competition Rules are complete.

Jean-Pol updated the Board regarding progress on updating AIDA’s course offerings regarding risks of squeezes. Kimmo updated the Board on a web-based Incident Reporting System,  which will be used to electronically collect and analyze data on accidents in competitions (likely on a mandatory basis) and in training (on a recommended basis).

Kimmo and Rob briefed the Board on a review of branding and trademarks for AIDA which will be implemented as soon as possible.

Carla and Rob reported on a new Assembly web tool, which will allow members to automatically update their contact information: similar to functionalities in the EOS and JOS systems. Carla also reported that the IT group is looking to implement a new email distribution system (replacing the Yahoo Groups tool). This project is aimed at remedying a number of reliability and quality issues that have been identified with the Yahoo tool, and at better integrating Member data with the current AIDA web-based tools (EOS, CARS and JOS). Please note that the currently Yahoo Groups list is experiencing a number of issues, including non-delivery of emails to certain users, and deletion of some users entirely. If you believe you may not be getting emails, please contact AIDA Secretary Carla Hanson ( so we can keep you copied until the new system is implemented.

The Board voted unanimously to approve implementation of an upgrade to the Joomla CMS (content management system), in an amount up to EUR 2000; this upgrade is required for maintenance of the EOS and CARS tools, and the AIDA website.

The Board reviewed matters relating to the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships, to be held in September in Sardinia, Italy. The organizer has set up a website and Facebook page for the competition:


Please communicate these pages to your athletes. The organizer is planning to use real time video capability for the depth event, and we are planning to work with a professional photographer/videographer to provide same-day posts for AIDA.

In May, AIDA Judge Responsible Petar Bojovic will request candidates for assistant judges at the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships. Please have interested candidates reply to Petar’s request to apply. Relatedly, AIDA has received input from a number of Nationals stating that it has been difficult to get judges promoted to senior levels, in part due travel expenses to World Championships (to get high level judging experience). In order to address that issue, the Board discussed the possibility of subsidizing expenses for committed judges wanting to assistant judge at AIDA World Championships. The Board will continue to review this issue, and may offer a small number of judges (perhaps two this year) a subsidy covering room and board in Sardinia, if they are required to travel to Europe from another continent (e.g. Asia). If successful, the Board may continue this program next year. If your National has input on this subject, or if you have a judge who may wish to participate, please reply to the AIDA Board (

The Board reviewed a number of items relating to the AIDA education system. The Board voted unanimously to approve candidate Remy Dubern as an AIDA Instructor Trainer. The Board also reviewed instructor insurance for the United States and Canada; Carla Hanson will provide an update on the AIDA website regarding how instructors in the United States and Canada can be insured. European instructors and freedivers (excluding competitive freediving) may already obtain DAN insurance.

The Board voted unanimously to sanction pool competitions in Mexico and in the United Arab Emirates: countries that have no National. AIDA International will review requests to sanction competitions in countries without an AIDA National, and will approve such request when possible. Any group ( including Observer members) without full National status wishing to host a competition should contact Ute ( to ask for approval.

Antero and Rob provided an update on the project to update the AIDA Competition Rules, and the Board reviewed draft revisions to the Rules. A clean up version, intended mainly to clean up ambiguities and resolve known problem areas, is projected to go to the Assembly for review and approval in late April. In addition, several larger issues (e.g. possible changes to the grab rules) will also be sent to the Assembly for individual line-item review and vote, prior to inclusion in the competition rules. As the Judge IOP and Competition Rules are related, these revisions may be presented together to the Assembly.

Further Information. If you would like further information on these or other topics, please do not hesitate to contact Kimmo, Robert, or any other Board member. You may also contact your National representative to comment on any subject related to Aida.

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