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Board Meeting Notes January 2013

The first meeting of the new year took place on 27 January via Skype. There were many items on the agenda including several important votes.

The Board reviewed strategic projects for AIDA for 2013. These projects include:

  • Strategy project
  • Success of 2013 AIDA Pool and Depth competitions
  • Bids for 2014 AIDA Team World Championships
  • Financial project: completion of accurate financial statements for years 2001 to current
  • Revise AIDA Competition Rules
  • Revise AIDA Judge IOP
  • Further enhancements to CARS, EOS and judge database
  • Education course enhancements
  • Review of NLT safety procedures.

The Board then discussed candidates for the non-executive offices for 2013. The Board voted to reappoint Rik Rosken as Medical & Science Officer, Petar Bojavic as Legal Officer, and Julien Alias as IT Officer. The Board voted to appoint Lena Jovanovic as Media & PR Officer, supported by Alex Russu and Leonardo D’Imporzano. The Board continues its search for Judge Responsible candidates; the Board voted to have AIDA’s Vice President, Sport Officer and Secretary manage JR functions, until a JR is appointed for 2013.

The Board also voted to approve Jean-Pol François as Judge A Instructor, following his meeting all requirements for that position.

The Board voted to approve changes to the requirements to become an AIDA Master Instructor. Instructors who believe they qualify, may contact Jean-Pol Francois (Education officer) for details.

Robert King (vice-president) provided a report on a group of freedivers in South Korea desiring to obtain AIDA Observer Member status. The Board voted to ask that the Assembly vote on this group’s request to obtain Observer status (only the AIDA Assembly may approve new members).

Rik Rosken (medical and science officer) updated the Board on WADA doping standards, and possible additions to the basic WADA list for the sport of freediving; incremental costs of testing will be reviewed prior to any decision on additions.

The Board then voted to approve William Trubridge, Miguel Lozano and Pim Vermeulen as Instructor-trainers The Board also approved Jean-Pol’s recommendation to have each new IT go through an initial review period by the Education Officer, to ensure quality and active participation.

Robert provided an update on the status of financial statements and has reviewed the report from the accounting firm. Kimmo provided an update on AIDA’s current financial position.

The next topic on the agenda was the 2013 World Championships. Ute GeBman (sport officer) will send out requests for candidates for the AIDA 2013 Pool and Depth World Championships; the Board will request that the Assembly vote to elect judges for each competition (first for Belgrade, and second for Kalamata). Antero Joki will visit the Pool WC competition venue during the Serbian Freediving Championship this February on behalf of AIDA, and review transportation, accommodation etc.

Petar Bojovic (legal officer) noted that the Belgrade Pool World Championships will accommodate four athletes per sex per discipline, and that the organizer will have a website available with additional information available 1 February. The websites for both pool and depth will be posted on the AIDA International website.

The Board also voted to approve a total of five medals for each team at AIDA Team World Championships (i.e. one for each athlete, one for the alternate, and one for the coach). Antero provided an update on the update to the Competition Rules. The Technical Committee plans to have a draft of changes to the competition rules by end of March 2013. Suggestions for rules changes should be sent to:


New Judge Instructor

Jean- Pol displaying that white card
photo by Anne-Louise Fortin

More good news from Aida International ! Jean-Pol Francois (Aida Education Officer) is now an Aida Judge Instructor. Jean-Pol is from Belgium and resides in Macau. He will be offering judge courses throughout Asia and the South Pacific. We are very pleased to have a qualified judge instructor in this part of the world ! To contact Jean-Pol you can email him at :



New Aida Instructor Trainers !

We are excited to announce that we have three new Aida Instructor Trainers with very impressive credentials! First up is long-time diver, volunteer, instructor, judge and judge instructor, Pim Vermeulen. Pim is from the Netherlands and instructs throughout Europe and Egypt. Pim is multi-lingual and can instruct in several languages.



Next up is Miguel Lozano. Miguel is an Aida Master Instructor and record holding diver. He is from Barcelona, Spain and is based at Apnea Canarias. He speaks Spanish and English.






And last but certainly not least ,we have World Record diver and World Champion , William Trubridge. William is a New Zealand native and instructs at the famous Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas and in Europe. He offers courses in English and Italian.



These instructors offer all levels of Aida courses from beginner to instructor and Pim also teaches judge courses.

  • Pim Vermeulen:
  • Miguel Lozano:
  • William Trubridge:


Record freediver Carlos Coste new Aida Instructor Trainer

World renowned diver, Carlos Coste, is now an Aida Instructor Trainer. We are very excited to have Carlos on board in this role. He has been very successful teaching others to freedive as well as achieving great accomplishments in his own diving. Carlos will be based in Venezuela and will offer instruction for Latin America. He is fluent in English and Spanish. Anyone interested in taking a course from Carlos can contact him via email at

El record apneísta, Carlos Coste, ahora es el nuevo Instructor Trainer Aida. Estamos muy felices de tener a Carlos a bordo en este puesto. Él ha sido muy exitoso enseñando apnea, así como teniendo grandes logros compitiendo. Carlos vive en Venezuela y ofrecerá instrucciones para América Latina. Habla con fluidez en Inglés y Español. Cualquier persona interesada en tomar un curso con Carlos lo puede contactar por correo electrónico: