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Pool World Championships 2013

The votes have been tallied and we are very pleased to announce that Belgrade, Serbia will be the site of 2013 Pool World Championships. The competition will take place between late June and early July. Belgrade boasts a beautiful aquatic facility and we look forward to working with Petar Bojovic and his team from Aida Serbia.

We would also like to thank Greece and Poland for submitting outstanding proposals, and the other Nationals who expressed an interest in hosting this event. We hope these and other groups will make future efforts to host international competitions.

Many exciting things are in the future for freediving and Aida International and it is because of the efforts of our members. Thank you all !

On behalf of the Aida Board,
Carla Hanson
Aida Media/PR


Current News for October at Aida

We are very pleased to announce that all the doping tests from the Team World Championships came back negative. Thank you to all who participated in this bothersome but important task.

We would also like to remind all Nationals to submit their vote for the 2013 Pool World Championship . We are very glad to have a choice between 3 excellent proposals from Greece, Serbia, and Poland. Please review the bids carefully and cast your vote.

Next month, we will be holding the Aida Executive Board Election.We are looking for candidates for the following offices: Vice-President,Sport Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer. These are positions with voting privileges. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering to run and would like to contribute to Aida International and the future of freediving !

On behalf of Aida Board,
Media&PR officer Carla Hanson