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Webcast for finals at Pool World Championships-Lignano

The preliminaries have concluded and on October 14, the finals will be begin with the dynamic no- fins discipline followed by dynamic with fin on the 15th, and concluding the 16th, with static apnea.

The qualifying heats have provided outstanding performances by the top ranked freedivers along with some surprises from newcomers. Most of the heavy-hitters are participating in this competition, so it is anticipated that World Records will fall!

You can join in with all the excitement and cheer for your favorites, live, at this site:

The results of the qualifying heats:


Depth World Championships Results

Training at Kalamata Aida world championships competition 2011

Training at Kalamata Aida world championships competition 2011

There was no lack of excitement in Kalamata at the 2011 depth championships. There were two new world records, two continental records, and over 45 national records in the three Aida disciplines. Natalia Molchanova (RUS) proved, once again, her determination and strength throughout the competition with 2 new World records and gold medals in CWT and FIM. William Trubridge also won 2 gold medals, while successfully defending his titles in CNF and FIM . Michal Risian (CZE) gained the CNF European continental record and demonstrated unique mental composure and physical strength when he came off the line in FIM at 90m. In women’s CWT, Jarmilla Slovencikova (CZE) had a strong dive and a national record for silver and Misuzu Hirai (JAP) achieved a new continental record, in conditions that were challenging. Guillaume Nery (FRA), Carlos Coste (VEN), Giorgos Panagiotakis (GRE) and Christian Maldame (FRA), topped the medals podium in CWT. Alena Zabloudilova (CZE) had an impressive showing in her first major depth competition winning the women’s CNF title and the silver medal in FIM with Anna Von Boetticher (GER) winning bronze. Wendy Timmermans (NLD), Irina Karina (RUS), and Morgan Bourchis (FRA) were the other medal winners in CNF. In men’s FIM second and third went to Malina Mateusz (POL) and Antoni Koderman (SVN), respectively.

This competition presented new challenges to athletes and to judges with some unusual occurrences and a high number of disqualifications. A review of the rules and some modifications will be necessary to keep safety in- line with the evolution of the sport and the depths which are now being realized. Overall, it was a great competition with impressive performances by many athletes. A big thank-you to the municipality of Kalamata and Freediving Club Greece for hosting this memorable event.

All the results can be found at the Club’s website:


Natalia Molchanova 2 New World Records

Natalia Molchanova

Natalia Molchanova in free immersion

At the 2011 Depth World Championships, Natalia again improved her own records in constant weight and free immersion. She added another meter to her previous cwt record of 100 meters. The conditions on this day were less than perfect with rough seas and limited visibility but Natalia was focused and she prevailed. Conditions on the FIM day were better and Natalia dove to 88 meters and  then returned to the surface with a solid protocol and a white card.

Natalia announced a record breaking depth in cnf ,as well, and made the depth but was penalized for a ‘grab’ violation receiving a yellow card. Upon review of the bottom footage by the judges;  a ‘pull’ violation was observed  and the dive was disqualified. So is the way of the rules in freediving!

Congratulations to Natalia for a very successful competition.

videos of these dives and others can be found on Freediving Club Greece website: