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October Board Meeting Report

Due to the World Championships, the Board did not meet in September but a meeting was held via Skype on October 22 ,2012. The Board discussed potential topics for the 2012 budget, including potential IT projects. The Board reviewed the list of proposed Instructor Trainer candidates, and voted to approve the following candidates as AIDA Instructor Trainers: Savvas Savva, Kimmo Lahtinen, Dean Spahic, Konstantin Borisov, Panos Lianos.
The Board voted to approve, in principle, an AIDA Instructor Trainer contribution requirement (i.e. contribution to the AIDA education system); accordingly, the Board will prepare a mandatory contribution policy for new instructor trainers approved in the first two groups (August and October, 2011); the Board hopes to finalize this contribution policy in November.
The new ranking system was used in Lignano as a pilot, and appears to be operating as planned. This updated ranking system will now be deployed. The Board voted to approve development of a judge information management system (to be a seamless part of the ranking database).
The discussion of the sled diving procedures continued. Items to be considered include proper use of lanyard, use of video camera on diver during the entire dive, and the four levels of responsibility. Grant and Stavros will update the sled diving and deep diving guidelines (target date for a revised draft is 1 December), and will also review the general safety guidelines to make sure they are current.
The  recent world championship competitions were reviewed and the Board noted that the enhanced sponsor activity is a goal for future years. The Board intends to request bids for 2013 pool and depth world championships in January 2012, with a deadline for bids in March 2012.  A new AIDA email address for AIDA Board members is being implemented , in part, to assist in archiving of emails and to streamline contact information .
Matters relating to SSI and Freedive Dahab, and issues with respect to AIDA IT and education, judge, and competition activities were discussed. The Disciplinary Committee is currently reviewing this matter.

IMPORTANT : New officers are needed for the following positions; President, Technical Officer, Education Officer. This election is scheduled to commence on 1 December. AIDA Nationals are requested to propose qualified candidates at their earliest convenience; candidate CVs must be received not later than 21 November.


Five more Instructor Trainers for Aida Freedive Education

We are very pleased to announce that the AIDA Executive Board has approved the following five freediving instructors as AIDA Instructor Trainers:

Savvas Savva (Cyprus)

Panos Lianos (Greece)

Dean Spahic (Canada, Egypt)

Konstantin Borisov (Russia)

Kimmo Lahtinen (Finland)

Each of these candidates was reviewed by the AIDA Education Committee, and recommended to the AIDA Board. In addition, each of these candidates was either recommended by the AIDA National for the country in which they teach, and/or is teaching actively in a strategic location for AIDA education.

We would like to thank the individuals who have offered to be considered as candidates, and in particular to thank the AIDA Nationals that have recommended candidates; please continue to identify potential candidates to the Board and EC for consideration. With respect to candidates who have applied but have not yet been approved as ITs, it is the intention of the AIDA Board to contact all such candidates to identify areas that may require improvement (e.g. additional teaching experience), so that such persons may continue to work toward becoming an AIDA Instructor Trainer. We also welcome any current Aida instructor interested in being a trainer to apply.

The new instructor trainers will enable more prospective students access to Aida freediving courses. We look forward to expanding quality Aida Education throughout the world and welcoming new freedivers to the Aida Community!

Now you can also find your closest Aida freediving instructor at Aida instructor finder.

On Behalf of Aida Board,

Kimmo Lahtinen
AIDA, president


Final results for Static Apnea and wrap-up for Lignano

The static apnea  competition concluded the 2011 Pool World Championships. There were 5 national records in the women’s category for Great Britain, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Australia. Veteran Kathryn Nevatt’s (NZL) experience provided the steady nerves needed  for a gold medal performance of 7:12. She also won silver in dynamic n0-fins, making this a very successful comp for her!  Second place was awarded to Veera Lopez-Lehto (FIN) with a new National record time of  7:03. The bronze medal in static, went to Hanoko Hirose (JPN) with a breath-hold time of 6:32.

Goran Colak (CRO) again demonstrated his prowess to win yet another gold medal! Goran achieved a time of 8:10 to add to his medal count of 3 total; with 2 golds, a silver and a World Record! Goran is new to Aida competition, having mostly competed in CMAS events, and has proven he is a force to be reckoned with! Just behind Goran was Adrian Kwiatkowski (POL) 8:09 for the silver medal. The bronze medal went to Ulf Dextegen (SWE) 7:57.  The biggest announcement was made by Guy Brew (NZL) who unfortunately suffered a packing black out and was disqualified. Another unfortunate circumstance was a DQ for Alexey Molchanov, with a time of 8:03, but he was touched by his coach, thus nullifying the performance.

All in all, there were some surprises with newcomers and some disappointments for veterans. One never knows who will prevail when nerves are on edge at the most important competition, which is only held every 2 years. This competition had all the twists, turns, and some controversy, with a protested red-card on a world record swim. The athletes had to swim 50m for no-fins, which may have evened the field, and assuredly provided uncertainty in the days prior to the comp.

We say good bye to Lignano and all the Europe Evolution Cup team and thank them for being wonderful hosts. The live-feed was enjoyed by many and added excitement for real-time viewing of the dynamic events through out the world! We now look forward to Nice and the Team World Championships in 2012 and the celebration of Aida’s 20th anniversary.

Congratulations to all the athletes for outstanding performances.

Well done!


Lignano; Dynamic with Fin Results and a New World Record!

With an extremely strong field of athletes on the start list; big performances were expected. No one could have predicted a more dramatic result with an apparent world record swim of 273m by Goran Colak (CRO), which curiously received a red card. Goran made a strong surface protocol, so the disqualification was a mystery to many watching the performance via live-stream. It was later explained that the safety diver touched the athlete (in congratulations) prior to the judges’ decision, which resulted in the DQ. Goran, supported by a petition signed by all of the other athletes, protested the card and won the decision.

The silver medal for the men was shared by Guy Brew (NZL) 251m and Mikko Pontinen (FIN) 261m but a deduction for a grab. The bronze medal went to Bjarte Nygard (NOR) 232m. Fred Sessa (FRA) and Alexey Molchanov (RUS) had the longest announcements, but both came up short and out of medal contention.

The women’s division was a led by a beautiful performance of 206m by gold-medalist, Barbora Ivanska (CZE) . She was followed by a close second 203m swim by Emilia Biala (POL) and just 3m less for the bronze, Dajana Zoretic (CRO) 200m.

So far the Croatians are leading the medals count with 4;  two for Goran and two for Dajana. Sunday on 16th of October at 9:00 Italy time, the static apnea contest will complete the pool championships. The great performances are sure to continue, so tune-in to the chatter on Facebook AidaInternational Insider for real-time reports.


Dynamic No Fin final – Lignano

The finals today proved to live up to the anticipation of a great contest!  Most of the athletes were somewhat unnerved by the prospect of dnf in the 50m pool but they quickly adjusted and made some very impressive swims .

The women’s gold medal was won by newcomer Jody Fisher (AUS), who only started freediving 6 months ago. She swam 150m and surfaced with a strong protocol. Former world record holder, Kathryn Nevatt (NZL)  had great form and achieved 148m, winning the silver medal. Dajana Zoretic (CRO) did an elegant 153m but received a penalty point deduction for a grab, which dropped her to third place.

The men’s category turned out to be a real cliff-hanger with the longest swim and gold medal, taking place last. Frederic Sessa (FRA) achieved an unbelievable 207m and was cheered loudly by the French team. The always strong, Goran Colak (CRO)  did an almost equally impressive 194m for silver, Rune Hallum Sorensen’s (DEN) 193m dive was initially disqualified for a failed surface protocol but was reinstated following a protest and he won the bronze. It had appeared, for a time that William Trubridge (NZL) 174m swim would be enough for third but Rune prevailed.

Saturday on 15th of October the dynamic with fin discipline will take place with Alexey Molchanov (RUS) and Barbora Ivanska (CZE) leading the announcements. Fred Sessa (FRA) will surely attempt to regain his World Record. The women’s division is wide-open as Natalia Molchanova (RUS), the current World record holder, had to return home due to her mother’s illness.

All the excitement can viewed live at 17:00 local Italy time.

Written poolside reporting and comments, along with the full results list, and starts for dynamic with fin, can be found here :

Join us and cheer on your friends and team mates!