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In this article, we say goodbye to our long-term president Kimmo Lahtinen, read about news from the IT-side of AIDA and talk about the upcoming world championships. There are also exciting news about the new education material and recent elections for the AIDA board.

The Aida Board met via Skype call on 14 November 2015.

Kimmo started the meeting on a somber note to convey our deep sadness for the people of France and Lebanon who recently suffered attacks by terrorists. We expressly wish to send our thoughts to Aida France and all of our members who were affected by this tragedy.

The Board notesThe Aida International board met via Skype call on 14 October. An urgent matter that needed to be reviewed regarded the document sent to the Board with the findings of the Disciplinary Committee of the incident with the World record attempt of Guillaume Nery in Cyprus. The Board voted to approved the recommendations from the DC. Robert King declined to accept the offer to return to the vice-president office. The position will be added to the December elections for a one year term beginning 2016  January.

The Board voted to approve to share the costs of the damaged/lost cameras housings from the Cyprus World Championships. In relation to camera housings; Dan Burton has agreed to produce a state of the art housing for bottom cameras which includes space for a long-life battery. Aida International will provide these housings to organizers at a discounted price of € 150. Please contact Carla Hanson, Secretary,  for more information.

The Board discussed an on-going issue with a judge regarding occurrences with the past Board. Kimmo Lahtinen, President, agreed to contact this judge and attempt to come to a resolution.

Antero Joki, Technical Officer, reported that he will attend the EUF (European Underwater Fed) in Vienna to represent Aida International. Aida International strives to elevate the sport of freediving in the global sports community and communicate on behalf of our athletes. Antero also said that the new rules updates are almost ready to be approved and that he will add the new recommendations included in the DC recommendations.

Vedran Milat, Treasurer ,was not able to attend due to a work conflict but the 2016 budget and audit report will be presented at the next Board meeting.

Carla distributed the proposal for the 2016 Team World Championships submitted by Stavros Kastrinakis. The Board will review the proposal then send it to the Assembly for approval.

The Board agreed to review a document provided by Aida Education committee member, Oli Christen. This document is in regards to the launch of the new Padi freediving education program. It will be sent to all Aida Instructors.

Kimmo and Carla presented the Board with a plan to initiate the enforcement of a Code of Conduct for all Aida communications. Kimmo will draft the document which will be posted on the Aida website, Facebook, and Aida Yahoo groups. It is hoped that all freedivers will be willing to comply with the guidelines in this document in order to provide a more productive environment for communication.

Following a spate of comments from the Yahoo judge group; Carla suggested a Facebook Judges only group be formed to enable discussion of pertinent judge topics. Several judges agreed to manage the task and the group can be found here:

Please feel free to contact any Board member with questions or comments about any of these or other topics.

We will be glad to address any queries or suggestions. AIDA Board 2015



1 November 2015 , Kalamata, Greece.

The record attempt teamThe sun shone upon Stavros Kastrinakis, Aida International Renaissance Man: Instructor/ trainer, Judge, Organizer extraodonaire and now World Record holder. Stavros is best known for assisting others to reach their freediving goals but today he achieved a very well-deserved record of his own (pending doping test). Stavros said "The dive itself felt good once I was in the water and the way down was smooth and easy with my equalization holding well all the way to the bottom. The way up was long and at around 50m I had a feeling of "how much longer will I have to swim for? At that point I met my deep scooter safety Nicholas and I re-composed myself and continued to the surface were I completed a very clean surface protocol which I was happy about. I am glad to be ending our first season in Kalamata at such a high note and I am looking forward to the future."

Stavros"I would like to thank my AIDA Judges Radek Gaca & Dave Tranfield, our medical/safety team: our Doctor Dr. Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Rescuers Thanasis Baltas, Christos Keis & Robert Kaponis, and safety team Nicholas Kouvaras (organizer), Stefanos Chaniotis (boat operator), Dimitrus Bertinelli (safety diver). We also would like to help the supporters of the record attempt: The Municipality of Kalamata and Mr Haris Vgenis for their support for the event, Elite Resort Hotel for hosting the event and providing logistical support, XT Diving Pro for its support and amazing wetsuits, UK Germany for providing UW housings, Rescue Team Messinia and last but not least the Central Hospital of Kalamata. Finally I have to extend a massive thank you to all freedivers out there for sending their cool vibes and messages of support during our preparation and to AIDA International for helping us put this record together in such a short time. Thank you all"

We congratulate Stavros on the impressive achievement .

Nanja 18 October 2015 Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. In a dive time of 3:00 minutes, Nanja successfully plunged to 130 meters. She was assisted by a sled to make the descent (time 1:10) and used her own power and a monofin to make the ascent. Aida International judges, Darija Subotin and Denys Rylov, said Nanja was very strong and completed the surface protocol in a mere 9 seconds.

Nanja who hails from Haarlem, Netherlands , said the dive was not easy and she had a few small equalization problems. She had been thinking about Natalia Molchanova, as she admired her greatly and "feels honored " to now have this record that Natalia previously held at 127m. "She was so important to me". We congratulate Nanja on this impressive accomplishment. The record is pending the results of the official doping test.