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New World Records!!!

June 27, 2013 Natalia Molchanova

Belgrade, Serbia – DNF A and B finals were held at the 2013 AIDA Pool World Championships today.
Second heat of the female A final made history bringing three world record swims–one after another– for gold, silver and bronze medals. First world record was made by Amber Burke of Australia. She swam 164m and broke the preceding world record.  Seconds later,  Katarina Turchinovic of Croatia swam amazing 175m. Natalia Molchanova of Russia then won the gold medal with a fantastic 182m and new AIDA world record.
Celebration continued for the Molchanov family when Alexey Molchanov won the bronze in the men’s final swimming 195m. Silver went to another amazing newcomer from Croatia–Vanja Peles–who swam 200m. And finally, another Croatian, Goran Colak, took the gold and closed this fantastic and exciting first day of 2013 finals with a 206m performance.
Lena Jovanovic
AIDA PR/Media Officer

New World Record Women’s Constant Weight No-Fins

286217_240248252682088_5089886_oOn April 25th, 2013 the world record was broken in the discipline CNF (Constant weight no fins) by Russian Natalia Molchanova in Dahab at the Russian National Open Competition.  She dove to 68 m in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. This record was previously held by Ashley Futral Chapman of the USA.

Last year, on her 50th birthday, Natalia broke a world record in VWT (Variable weight) discipline. This year, she gave herself an early birthday gift doing it just a bit before May 8. Alexey Molchanov, Natalia’s son, broke the continental record in the same discipline with the second deepest cnf dive in history (90m in 3:24). Great diving for mother and son!! Natalia’s new record is pending doping test.



Aida – Suunto Best of the Best Awards 2012

The Best of Best Award nominations are on Facebook this year. Please go to the Aida International Group  page:
to nominate your favorites in the categories. The top 3 persons in each category will go to a vote and the winners of those categories will receive a prize from Suunto. Each winner will be asked to submit of photo of them self with their prize.


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New Women’s CNF World Record

November 20,2012 : The opening day of the Suunto Vertical Blue Competition in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas, Ashley Futral Chapman of the USA, achieved a new World Record in constant weight no-fins at the depth of 67 meters in a time of 3:15. Ashley did the protocol with ease and made the dive look very easy. The record will be verified pending the required doping test. Congratulations and we look forward to see what the remainder of the competition may bring.


Natalia Molchanova Re-Claims CNF World Record

May 8,2012. To celebrate her birthday , Natalia Molchanova (RUS) dove to 66 meters without fins in a time of 3:30. The dive took place in the Red Sea, Dahab , Egypt on the opening day of the Russian Open Freedive Competition. Natalia had previously held the record at 62 meters which was surpassed earlier this week by Ashley Chapman(USA) with dives to 63 meters followed by 65 meters at the Deja Blue Competition in the Cayman Islands.

These are exciting times in the sport with these accomplishments by these outstanding female athletes.
Congratulations Natalia, for once again proving you are a force to be reckoned with !