Video Wall

Ville Autti
That is the one and only ZOAH2006 video. All we have left...
1876 days ago
Jonérik Ekström
Here is another video from the zoah event in 2006 :) Maybe Ville could post the original?

- j
1881 days ago
Ville Autti
Hi! 2008 combined result was 96km. 24hours,24groups,3-5 divers/group. Diving after midnight was great! Candles,good music,and the best...good company!
1901 days ago
Gideon Golan
that's a great concept!
all the divers stayed at the same location the whole 24h?

i think those hours after midnight were the most plesent ones...
1902 days ago
Jonérik Ekström
I think the combined distance result from 2008 was 92 km (freediving!)
1903 days ago