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Gideon Golan

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    a friend of a friend, is a friend! ;)
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  • results for this year's comp:

    AIDA Freediving RAB DIVE OFF
    2011 season

    Rnk. Top Athlete Nation AP RP PTS stil time

    1 Magda MILAS CRO 31m 26m 20.0p CNF 1:30 F

    1 Vedrana VIDOVIĆ CRO 47m 38m 28.0p CWT 1:45 F
    2 Sandra DINIĆ SRB 25m 25m 25.0p CWT 1:10 F

    1 Mia RIZNER CRO 21m 21m 21.0p FIM 1:03 F
    2 Snežana DINIĆ SRB 12m dns 0.0p FIM 0:50 F

    1 Michal RISIAN CZE 68m 68m 68.0p CNF 2:50 M
    2 Samo JERANKO SLO 50m 50m 50.0p CNF 2:00 M
    3 Božidar PETANI CRO 63m bo 0.0p CNF 3:00 M
    4 Tomo VRDOLJAK CRO 59m bo 0.0p CNF 3:00 M
    5 Andrej ROPRET SLO 50m bo 0.0p CNF 2:40 M

    1 Francois Gautier POR 65m 65m 65.0p CWT 1:40 M
    2 Josip ZEKAN CRO 70m 56m 41.0p CWT 2:20 M
    3 Aleš KOŠTOMAJ SLO 25m 25m 25.0p CWT 1:15 M
    4 Damir Sabalić CRO 20m 20m 20.0p CWT 1:10 M
    5 Jure DAIČ SLO 80m dns 0.0p CWT 2:40 M

    1 Antonio KODERMAN SLO 71m 71m 71.0p FIM 2:50 M
    2 Tomaž JEREB SLO 67m 67m 67.0p FIM 2:50 M
    3 Jakov PELJUŠIČ CRO 40m 40m 40.0p FIM 1:35 M
    4 Pascal MILLOUR FRA 20m 20m 20.0p FIM 0:46 M

    Congratulations to all athletes and see you next year!
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  • The morning after - Satil Eilat 02:55
    The morning after - Satil Eilat another clip from the same weekend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ammude53GmM&hd=1 filmed with JVC Picsio FM1, Ikelite Housing & W-20 Wide ...
    videos 1681 days ago

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