How to renew Aida membership?

The Aida membership fee is based on Aida statutes (see below) The amount of the fee will be determined at year end. The fee is due each year by March 31

"7.1 Revenue. AIDA may receive revenue from Members, instructors, students, judges, organizers, from donations, and from such other sources as may be determined by the Executive Board and/or the Assembly. Member fees shall be determined by the Assembly each year during the budget approval process, and unless otherwise determined by the Assembly shall be payable by 31 March of each year; for 2010, Member fees shall be € 150 (one hundred fifty Euros)."

After sending your payment; please notify the Aida secretary at secretary @

The Aida secretary will confirm your Aida membership. The receipt of your annual fee also registers you on the Aida Assembly email list.