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Competition Calendar

Competition Calendar
AIDA International has developed and provides rules and regulations that AIDA competition organisers and athletes abide by. In an AIDA competition qualified Judges are in attendance and will uphold all AIDA rules in the competition. AIDA has a ranking system in recognition to freedivers who compete in AIDA competitions.

AIDA competitions also gives freedivers a wonderful opportunity to swap stories and socialise with other freedivers. They take place year round and world wide. Click on the Competition Title for more information from the organiser.

Date Title Venue City Category
28.03.2015 - 29.03.2015
MDC Pool Master Apnea Challenge 2014 Petaling Jaya Petaling Jaya Competition Calendar
28.03.2015 - 29.03.2015
Svenska dam mästerskapen poolfridykning 2015 Härnösand Härnösand Competition Calendar
ST Minicomp 2015 Chrudim Chrudim Competition Calendar
2 Burgebracher Kelch Burgebrach, Landkreis Bamberg Burgebrach, Landkreis Bamberg Competition Calendar
29.04.2015 - 30.04.2015
Apnea Total * Buddy Dive Resort * Bonaire 2015 Bonaire Bonaire Competition Calendar
Hydro Dynamic Vienna Vienna Competition Calendar
11.05.2015 - 17.05.2015
Deja Blue VI Grand Cayman Grand Cayman Competition Calendar
23.05.2015 - 24.05.2015
Ukrainian Freediving Pool Championship 2015 Odessa Odessa Competition Calendar
25.05.2015 - 31.05.2015
FreedivingWorld Competition Sharm el Sheikh Sharm el Sheikh Competition Calendar
20.06.2015 - 21.06.2015
Nice Abyss Contest 2015 Nice Nice Competition Calendar
05.09.2015 - 10.09.2015
2015 AIDA Depth World Championships Pre competition LIMASSOL LIMASSOL Competition Calendar
11.09.2015 - 20.09.2015
2015 AIDA Depth World Championships LIMASSOL LIMASSOL Competition Calendar
26.11.2015 - 28.11.2015
Pan Pacific Championship Brisbane Brisbane Competition Calendar

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