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Deep Ukraine 2014


Deep Ukraine 2014
26.07.2014 - 27.07.2014
Zhytomyr - Zhytomyr
Competition Calendar


Name: Deep Ukraine 2014
Starts: 2014-07-26 Ends: 2014-07-27
City: Zhytomyr
Country: UKR
Disciplines: cwt cnf fim
Pool depth: 0 - 0m
Pool length: 0m
Organizer Name: AIDA Ukraine
Organizer Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Organizer Tel: +380632813920
Organizer Website:
AIDA National: AIDA Ukraine
Competition Type: National
With Finals: no
Team Competition: no
WR Status: no
Additional Info: Dear freedivers!

AIDA Ukraine is pleased to announce that the annual competition for the deep freediving disciplines «Deep Ukraine 2014" will be held this summer!
This year was chosen a special, extreme venue - Sokolovsky quarry in Zhitomir.

Place and diving conditions.
Sokolovsky is a quarry with a fresh water and a maximum depth of 100 meters.
The first water layer: 0 - 5 meters with the temperature 24-25 ° C and the transparency of 3-5 meters
The second Water layer: 5 - 38 meters, the temperature from 8 ° C smoothly and naturally falls to 4 ° C
The third Water layer: 38 - 40 meters, cloud slurry, transparency 0 meters.
The fourth water Layer: 40 - 100 meters with the temperature 4 ° C and the transparency of 7-10 meters
Sufficiently extreme conditions in terms of temperature and visibility, but at the same great benefits in terms that are completely absent currents and waves.

This year the competition is held under the new system, which allows the athletes to make two dives each day in the disciplines chosen by an athlete!

* exact schedule and official tops will be known after the formation of start lists

July 25.
12:00 deadline for the applications
15:00 official protocols for the first competition day
July 26. The first day.
9:00 A transfer of the participants, fans and organizers from Kiev.
11:30 the final registration of the participants (Submit of original applications, medical statements; lineyards test )
13:00 - first OT
16:00 - first OT of the second attempts
July 28. Second day.
10:00 - first OT
13:00 - first OT of the second attempts
16:00 - summing up, an award ceremony

To register for the competition you must send the completed application form to an e-mail and pay This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it competing.
Download the application here
The final registration (July 26) the athlete must have:
- The original application
- passport
- A medical certificate signed and stamped by a doctor, which confirms the absence of contraindications to the athlete freediving.
Sample medical certificate can be downloaded from
- Safety linyard to check its suitability. In the case of his absence or lack of compliance with the requirements linyard will be issued by the organizers.

The cost of participation.
UAH 300 ( about 20 EUR) - if paid before 21st July inclusive
UAH 350 ( about 23 EUR) - if paid after the 21st of July.
+ 2 euros ( about 35 UAH) for each attempt in the competition

For all inquiries please contact:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+38 063 281 39 20

Information will be updated!
Stay tuned to the site AIDA Ukraine
as well as on our website in Facwbook: / AidaUkraine