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Competition Calendar
AIDA International has developed and provides rules and regulations that AIDA competition organisers and athletes abide by. In an AIDA competition qualified Judges are in attendance and will uphold all AIDA rules in the competition. AIDA has a ranking system in recognition to freedivers who compete in AIDA competitions.

AIDA competitions also gives freedivers a wonderful opportunity to swap stories and socialise with other freedivers. They take place year round and world wide. Click on the Competition Title for more information from the organiser.

Date Title Venue City Category
08.02.2014 - 09.02.2014
RIGA FREEDIVING CUP 2014 AIDA Riga Riga Competition Calendar
Blue Immersion Static Challenge Blue Immersion, Koh Tao Blue Immersion, Koh Tao Competition Calendar
German Pool Championship 2014 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany Competition Calendar
February Fun - Static & Acrobatic - Winter Pool Competition vancouver vancouver Competition Calendar
TrueNorth Double Challenge Cup7 Inzai Inzai Competition Calendar
17.02.2014 - 20.02.2014
Andaman Freediving Challenge 2014 Koh Lanta Koh Lanta Competition Calendar
8th Serbian Open Freediving Championship - Belgrade 2014 Belgrade Belgrade Competition Calendar
22.02.2014 - 23.02.2014
State of origin freediving tournament sydney sydney Competition Calendar
2nd Tyrolean Apnea Cup Innsbruck Innsbruck Competition Calendar
We Freedive Suunto Series Phuket Phuket Competition Calendar
1e Épreuve ApneaCity: Apnée Statique Montréal Montréal Competition Calendar
Aqualibrium Pool Cup 2014 Moscow Moscow Competition Calendar
1. Deutsche Apnoe-Teammeisterschaft Hallenbad Greene 37574 Einbeck OT Greene Leinest Hallenbad Greene 37574 Einbeck OT Greene Leinest Competition Calendar
Athens Apnea 2014 Athens Athens Competition Calendar
Open FreedivN Zottegem Zottegem Zottegem Competition Calendar

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