Video and results of Day One - CNF Kalamata World Championships

Day One of the Kalamata Depth World Championships -CNF

Natalia Molchanova of Russia bested her previous world record by one meter to move the record to 69 meters in a dive time of 3:09.

There was a tie for second place with Jeanine Grasmeijer of the Netherlands and Natalia Zharkova of Russia both at 60m. There were also two bronze medals at 50m with Liv Phillip of the UK and Estrella Navarro Holm of Mexico.

For the men; Morgan Bourchis  of France was deepest at 87m followed by Nick Mevoli of the USA and Eran Gilead of Israel at 65m. Third place was Steinar Schjager of Norway at 64m.

Full results below: