Dive of the Day

Friday the 13th turned out to be a good day for David Mullins of New Zealand. His constant weight dive of 125 meters is the new National Record. Dave said in jest, that is was time for someone else besides William Trubridge to have a depth record.
Dave is well-known as a record athlete in dynamic apnea with and without fins and also a world record spearfishermen. He jokingly commented that this dive was about two meters less exciting than a World record fish. Prior to coming to Kalamata the first week of September; Dave had been training in the pool. His job and the difficult travel from New Zealand prevents him from depth training and competing as often as he and all of us would like. He chose to come to the World championships this year anxious to dive in the clear water of the Messinian Bay with its   light and good visibility.
We congratulate Dave on this impressive dive which he did with ease and a solid protocol.  Everyone is excited to see what the days ahead hold for all the athletes competing in the 2013 world championships.

photo courtesy of Daan Verhoeven